Sunday, October 23, 2011

When the cold is defeated

Socks, a sweater and a scarf, haven't been enough to fight the hairs on my arms from rising in response to the chilling air that touches them, it has been quite the cold day, actually quite the cold week, which I am glad for. I then, grab a blanket, wrap myself into a cocoon and try to watch a movie but I quickly stop because an action movie is not what I'm in mood for right now. I feel warm but my thoughts go out to everyone who is feeling cold at the moment and all those who even though are warm and cozy like me are feeling cold inside, lonely people who wont have a scarf for their below zero feelings. Because they've lost, because they're lost, because they have no hope. Pretty much everything I think relates to me. Just because I am comfortable and warm doesn't mean I've never been there, both in the physical and spiritual cold.
 The smell of coffee wakes my body from thinking mode, I smile, I realize how warm I feel, I am thankful for all that keeps my body from shivering or aching from the cold, but I am above all other things thankful that whenever this heart feels cold, I can turn to One who has not only words, or "scarves and sweaters" but His amazing presence to ignite the heat in my heart and let me know its all gonna be well. So I smile then jump of the couch to receive a warm cup of coffee which I am extremely thankful for as well.