Thursday, March 28, 2013

Copan Rooftops

There's little places in the world that steal your heart, there's little times in life that happen so sudden and so unexpected that, truly do nothing else than captivate you, right now I'm living both. I'm sitting under the cloudy sky over the rooftops of Copan, how amazing it is to think I never expected to be here or even imagined it yet it has been perhaps the most amazing week and experience in a while. Im unprepared to leave this and go back to school and all the worries and loads it'll bring but God has been faithful and he has provided a much needed getaway. Tonight these rooftops make me not think of school rooms, books and teaching boards and all these colorful dimly light streets make me forget about everything else so easily. I'm glad God works things the ways he does, tonight more than anytime I'm thankful that I'm not doing whatever I planned on doing. It feels so right to be doing something unexpected and unplanned. Well I guess now its about going back to routines and books and all the things where life is called ordinary, but I'm thankful, I have lived one very extraordinary week, it's all good, God is good. Goodbye, Copan, goodbye Easter break, you have been so unexpectedly captivating.