Sunday, May 26, 2013

Words like heavy rain.

I’m back and somehow late to blog, it’s always just a refreshing feeling to sit and let my mind be poured on through my fingers to this unique way of "writing". I do beleive this does better good to me as to what I try to "write"(type if I properly say), than to the readers, if by any chance there's any, for I know how complicated it all can seem to be read or understood. Its all part of a , what should I call it?... way of expression that Ive come to find appealing. Today for instance I feel moved by several things for the current act of typing, like the summer breeze that’s hitting my window, the silent house in which my sleepless eyes are currently found at, and happiness in several forms of being. Please stop if by any chance you feel like this is ridiculous or senseless to exceeding levels, as I said before it is not my intention to have you read this and understand it, (but if you do, great) it’s just I need to type kind of like when clouds can’t hold any more rain and its poured out over and you end up having water sprayed through the windows from the abundant rain and wind. As I said the breeze, familiar yet so unknown, I craved for this moment, longed for the feeling of freedom that you can only get when after the end of hot, sweaty day the rain brings in a so inspiriting breeze, and all that you waited feels worth it, and all the you cared for is there, but sometimes that’s not the case, that breeze is just cold air or dry wind, that rain has just let the earth damp, and you feel like you've waited for nothing. Then there’s the silence, a piercing silence, and believe me when I say that silence is the loudest sound there is, it can hurt your ears in greater proportions than anything you can or could’ve thought of,(figuratively speaking of course) and the worst part is you can't silence the silent. Then there's happiness in so many fortunate ways of being , coming as the blessings that I never deserved, the prices that were never earned and joys that are so definitely not my gain. For these latter it is that I am now awake knowing that while the airs breathe different hopes, and the silence pierce through empty words and the world has come to change God is unbeatable, unchangeable and above all beyond merciful and that when I seek for the dark places He'll be there to pull me out, that when I give all the I kept He'll be glad to fill me again. And when I walk upon a changing to world of deep delusion, I can know that I was given life, undeservedly He gave me life then that’s all that matters.