Thursday, November 28, 2013

And I think it's gonna rain.

There will be times when you wake up bundled in covers. There will be times when you wake up to the bright welcoming light of a new day. There will be times when the cold wont prevail and sunshine will always cast away the coldness and revive a shivering world. Today coldness won, the sunlight wasn't enough to prevent the windows from being shut and the sky to remain grey, today there were many hands rubbed to prevent the piercing cold from getting into them. Today there were many more steamy mugs than there usually are. A world fought to stay warm. Today was also the near ending of a month, and also the soon to come ending of a year. Lights streamed along window arches and golden decorations were hung on humble homes, and no its not Christmas yet, its only one of those days, you know the kind that seems to last longer than others, the kind were there's enough time to stop and think, and although I might often have these kind of days, today was definitely one of them. I didn't know I was going to be where I was today, nor I did know I was going to be who I was today. The sky though, I knew it was going to be grey today, I heard, someone on the television said it. Today I don'tknow what tomorrow is, where it is, but thanks to today I think I know who I will be. Never have a trusted wishful thinking, but I might give it a try, because today has taught me to do so. Tomorrow I dare to think better things, just let me tell you that for me the coldness is a good thing. Tomorrow, I hope I wake up to a mug filled with some sweet substance, to make my bones spark back to comfort when I leave my bed. Tomorrow, I hope I am home. Tomorrow, I hope there can be birds who defy the weather and sing around my yard, I hope that there will be friends around me. Tomorrow, everything will be different than today in all the ways my wishful thinking hopes so. Tomorrow will be better than many todays and yesterdays, not because they have all been bad but because tomorrows always come, and Im giving in to wishful hoping, and I want tomorrows to be better than todays and yesterdays. So I dare, even if my gut tells me not to do so, hope that tomorrow its gonna be better, in a different place and different coldness and different people. I think tomorrow the sky will be grey, there might not be birds around to sing, there won't be anyone around, there will be enough warm drinks, the air outside will not beat the warmness inside, there will be breathing, living, moving, planning more tomorrows, outside its gonna be a beautiful tone of grey and I think it's gonna rain.

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