Monday, February 21, 2011

Sit back, read, have some coffee and enjoy!

Have you ever had those moments where you feel extremely happy, relaxed and thoughtful? that it even seems to be background music playing? Like maybe walking down a hill during the sunset or sitting on some fresh green grass.
Yes we all crave for those moments in life where we can just take deep breathe , thank God for life, sit back and enjoy the moment! and oh how much we enjoy those moments.
Just this morning I was thinking about this, when ,on my everyday travel to school I was looking at the sun rising and reaching every single tree top to unveil a beautiful green, brown and blue collage of trees, rocks, and sky. I was so inspired so many thoughts came to my mind and it was like the perfect time to just, sit back, watch and stop thinking! ( although a nap would have been wonderful) it was beautiful! Also like a month ago something similar happened when in our backyard the hammock was hanging on the trees and I went for a walk decided to sit and then there was a beautiful sunset taking place, (yes I had to share that on facebook because it was that of a remarkable moment).
So no matter what you consider relaxing, quiet and beautiful, just enjoy the moment and be happy, thank God for life, sit back and enjoy! You will feel extremely good afterwards, trust me I am doing it now, as I am sitting by the window drinking some good afternoon honduran coffee as I type.

So you just sit back, read, have some coffee and enjoy!

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  1. that is so cool and it's so awesome how you put your thoughts into words!!