Monday, February 28, 2011

Hide your clocks,timers and alarms!

Today I turned 19!
Life for me would be hard to describe: it can be long or short, or short and slow, or long and fast...
I thought about how crazy this moment would be, this is my very last year being a teenager (and for all those who know me you know how much I joke about becoming boring after your 20 hahaha) seriously as much as I am thankful to God for all His mercies, blessings, and abundant grace, I still wish I could find the PAUSE button somewhere and press it.
Thankfully I can understand, we are not eternal time moves on, we can one day be all that we are, and the next, everything's gone, its life! We shouldn't expect it to be an everlasting/unchanging/unmoving pond where we can just swim around and be the same old boring fish all the time. It's how its supposed to work.
So I tell you, looking throughout my life I have been able to see that God has been working everything out, since the very first second that I caught my first breath, to the moment when I reached eternal life through His grace, to the time when I shall forever be with Him. He's been there, He is here, He will be there!
So lets stop seeing life as the reason why watches, diaries, clocks, timers, newspapers and all that time telling, time stopping stuff , was made for; life was made for us let God take full control of, and to be used according to His plans, and so that they could bring glory to Him!
SO PLEASE!! hide clocks, timers, alarms and all!! Don't worry God's there and He's waiting for you to let Him take full control of your life!
Just let Him do it and enjoy life with a big smile! :)

(by the way... what I said about hiding clocks, and alarms, it was just an illustration, I dont want you late for anything tomorrow :D )

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