Monday, March 7, 2011

Desktop Inspiration

Give it up for good old times!
Dear technology has been sinking us into an untalented world.
True! Everything now seems much easier, faster but, better?
Just recently Ive been thinking about how much the good old times have been fading along the way with the strong emergence of not so dull devices that are able to do much more than what we can, for less (less what? fun probably!)
Push a button to get soda, or gum, or chocolate or anything our lazy heads can think of.
Seriously, wasn't it much more fun to take a walk and get some ice cream than just driving your car to get it, or riding your bike to get pizza, or having to sit long hours on a desktop because there were no laptops.
Or do you remember buying your favorite disc at a store, or seeing your favorite book on a shelf on a colorful book store, and wanting to get it asap, when now a couple clicks can get you all that you like, while you are ,what? sitting on your couch trying to decide whether its more comfortable to keep your legs up on the couch or not... lame!
I want to treasure as much of the old things as I can like drinking a cold, flavor exploding coke out of a glass coke bottle (with, i'd like to teach the world to sing, playing on the background haha), or just doing your favorite thing the old way.
You older people out there might be saying, oh wait aren't you like too young to say all this, believe me so many things have changed just recently so glad I can still enjoy some of them at least while they're still here.
So take a sip out of the cup of old joyful memories, and get up walk, run, read, eat, but not technology... or even better go type on an old desktop see what I'm talking about, for yourselves!

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