Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From hills, to open seas...

This is something fun to do, find 3 to 5 random words somewhere (a book, Wikipedia, a movie, a conversation with someone), doesn't matter if they are related or not,I guess the more random the better, then turn them into a story, It can be quite hard.
SO I tried it, my words: boy, hill, sea.
My story ended up being a lot more figurative than what I thought, but it was fun to do. Hope you like it! (I mean if there's someone out there reading this)

There was once a little, boy, quite the normal type of boy, but he was lonely and sadness would often take a hold of him. Everything he knew had always been there and surprises for him were unknown.
The valley where he lived was dry, but great rivers crossed it and the view across the land seemed to never end. Not many trees grew in the valley but there was a tree that stood tall and with wide arms, a tree that the boy never saw grow, for it had always been there since before he was born. The tree was so tall and so old, that it seemed like the slightest wind blow could bring it down. Such was the danger that the old tree could cause, that everyone decided to cut it down.
As deranged as the idea sounded, everyone thought it was the right thing to do and with glowing innocent eyes the little boy saw how the tree tumbled down to the ground with a loud thunderous roar.
All eyes looked away for none had the strength to witness such loss; and then night fell upon the valley and all heads were laid down, eyes were shut and the doors to dreams were open, as if nothing had happened that day.

Tiny little drops on the still sleepy leaves, began to capture sunlight like if it was theirs and soaring with glistening beauty out came the sun bringing back everything to life, all but the old tall tree, that now layed dead on the ground.
Heads popped out of windows and eyes were opened to stare at the beautiful morning, then the air was filled with noises from people doing all kinds of activities, laughs, screams, talking all going on at once, but something had changed and was unfamiliar to all the staring eyes.
Up across the the view, where the old tree used to stand, something was visible and there it stood , stunning, large and still.
It was a hill like all the ordinary ones we usually see, but lets not forget this was a valley and they never thought they had hills. The hill was so dry like if nothing had ever wanted to grow there, and silent as if no one had ever wanted to speak about it, and all eyes saw it but none loved it for it was too lonely, too quiet, too new.
Somone though saw it and wouldn't stop staring at it, the little boy, even sat down to appreciate such an unkown new thing and he loved it. He loved it so much that he was almost too happy that the tall tree that once stood there was gone, gone to reveal such an unkown beauty, and joy filled his heart.
You may wonder, how or why this boy would love such a thing that was or looked so ordinary, so dull, so dead, but aren't we often reminded to not judge things on what they look like, but true we still fail to do so.

Then, again night fell just like thin black paint being soaked by a sponge and everything grew dark, by then the boy now lay in bed.

As the days went on, the boy would always stop to look at the hill, and admire it, same thing every day, he just couldn't help but stare at it.
Until one day he felt like if that hill needed him, since it looked lonely, it was almost like if the hill was calling him.
The boy's legs seemed to be too short and too tired as he ran towards the hill with much enthuthiasm, till he reached that hill his heart was racing like it had never done, and felt like it had stopped the very moment his feet reached the top, and wind blew on his sweaty forehead. He felt new, alive, so joyful that his smile was almost too big for his tiny face.
He had found happiness.

Time as you well know has a way to trick us and what seemed like days were weeks and weeks were months and soon enough it had been a long time since the boy had met the hill that had now become his favorite place to be. Up from that high friend, he would sit and watch his home and all that had once appeared to be lonely wasn't too bad, in fact, up from the hill he started to love and be happy about everything he could see and that he used to dislike. Truly that hill had changed his life just like the winter goes from pale, cold to vivid, colorful spring.

The boy sitting up above that hill had become part of the landscape, as if it was a picture, but still no one loved the hill, but it was sure more likable now that it wasn't too lonely.

Years passed and the boy had now become more of a young man, but his hill was still the same, colorless, dry, hill. So the boy decided to change the hill for he had changed but the hill had not.
He painted flowers and colored grass on its face and then planted his heart on the hill's top, and with time and patience out grew a tiny little tree.
A very peculiar tree indeed, since it grew out of love.
Since then the boy would water the tree, and smell the flowers and lay on the grass, truly had the hill not only change the boy but the boy had changed that hill.

All eyes would then not only stare at the distance like if all they would see was the same hill, but now they all saw the hill and wished it was theirs, and they now wanted that hill with the same, brave love that, the boy once loved it with.

Flowers bloomed, the tree grew and the green fresh grass colored the hill, but underneath the melting sun, all the valley seemed dead, the hill was now loved and wanted, and everyone wished they could sit under their shade or feel their fresh grass or smell its yellow flowers.
So to the boy's surprise one day children were sitting under the tree, and watching them play on the hill reminded him of the day he first, ran up there.

We all know when children love something its not easy for them to let go, so they came back to the hill day after day and soon there were so many of them, that our boy couldn't go up there any more and all he could do was watch the hill from down below the valley, anxiously waiting for the day he could go back.

Sadly that day seemed to never come back, for as hard he tried there were always be other people at the hill, it just made them so happy.
Until one day he went up to the hill after a very long time, and as he walked towards he began to wonder what was it going to be like when he finaly got there again. When he placed both feet up on the hill top, he saw the valley, and it had changed, since he had not seen it from this view in a while, many things were diferent and he looked up at the tree and it was tall, taller than he thought it could ever be, and now there were more than just yellow flowers, but colorful bunches of other flowers.
He then realized that the hill did not need him any more, everyone had been taking care of it and it was happy, colorful and alive, it was like if all others had done a better job at caring for it than he had.

He then thought of what to do, for he had no where to go, and that hill was everything he ever felt happy to be with, but as he looked across the valley, he saw something he had never seen before, it stretched out like a big serpent, and it went on till as far as his eyes could see. He then saw where it began, but his heart sank like if it had the heaviest load of the heaviest material in it, and it was hard for him to think of something else but the hill.
With his heart softly beating and slowly sinking, he walked away from the hill, knowing that happiness for now had failed to prevail, and the hill didn't care to see him go.

Giving lazy short steps he reached the path and saw it was long. Trying not to look back at the hill or the valley behind him, he started his journey off on the long motionless snake. Memories started to reach his mind, and sadness followed him, ready to grip his hand.

Why? we would think had the hill forgotten him or why would it not love him anymore. Well you see, sometimes really sad unexpected things must happen for us to find happiness again, like that old tree had to die in first place so that the boy could see that hill, it was now perhaps that he had the chance to find happiness somewhere else. At the end its all really a part of a perfect plan designed by The Someone who just won't ever fail.

He followed the path for what seemed a life time, and so many things along the way, were things he never expected to see. Through fierce storms, cold nights and intense long days ,he walked, wondering for how long his journey would go on for.
When suddenly his eyes met beauty again and his body shook back alive in amazement, just like when one is suddenly schocked. It was blue like the sky, but seemed far larger than it, and if it was sky why was it laying on across the land, and it moved gently but yet strongly, with coming and going long strokes.
The air then flew by the boy's ear and whispered something, that made the boy ran across the thick , hot, caramel sand with childish leaps but before his feet could touch the sea he stopped.
Something was unique, the blue waving giant, didn't ever seem to finish, and no hills, or trees, or anything could be spotted, excpet for a floating brown thing that was tied to a pole on the shore.
Ignorant of what he was doing , the boy untied the boat , and got on it, and off he sailed into deeper, unkown waters and happiness was with him and all other things he had once lived were now far memories.
He lifted his head, with enthuthiasm and opened his eyes as wide as he could, because out far beyond on the blue sea, he saw something he had never seen before. Strangely there were tress growing out the sea but not only trees but there was alos land.¡ and the boy wrinkled his forehead in consternation, for it could not fit his mind, how this could real, but it was, and it was as if this island was waiting, for all he could see was utterly beauteous.

So excitement and joy took a hold of him and he sailed, singing at the wind and smiling at the sun, for good days were soon to come.

It's time to smile you all! Sad days will not stay forever even when one fears they will. God knows what he's doing , and sometimes its through all this suffering that we realize how loving He is and that is something far beyond all we comprehend, but He's definitely got some good, joyful days for you a head, indeed He does! if only we seek Him truly.

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